Friday, 14 January 2011


Drew the short straw this morning and got doggy walking duties. Well bugger me I just might do it more often after this mornings haul of patch padders. On arriving at Bittern Hide I peered out into the gloom and there fishing near one of Vern's follies (the tern nesting platform, anyone got a tug boat) was a female Goosander...nice!
Walked down to the mere and two maggot danglers were preparing to set sail...oh dear!...flush time me thinks? A scan of the usual haunts and bang, patch padder number two a preening Little Egret on Kidbrook spit....2nd patch text of the day goes out.
The mere (Budworth) looking really good with masses of wildfowl floating about...
8 Goldeneye
100+ Wigeon
several Gadwall
50+ Teal
various Mallard
30+ Shoveler
1 Shelduck
8 Pochard
25+ Tufties
fingers crossed for a Lesser Scaup or Smew or both (greedy us local patchers)

PATCH YEAR LIST...somewhere like 65+ ish me thinks a touch of quality over quantity at the mo.

ps didn't BLACKPOOL do another double whammy this week...sorted!

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