Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Travelling back from South Jockland after a couple of days surveying I nipped off the M6 and headed for Ambleside (at the very top end of Windermere). The pager had reported on Sunday a couple of nice year ticks, so having earned my keep I fired up the SatNav and went twitching.
I arrived at the carpark by the Windermere ferry and there were birders scopes up looking interested (a good sign).
'' anything about'' (he asked knowingly)...''yeah the Long-tailed Ducks here but the Grebes disappeared and I've just found a red head Smew''...''top man, where?''...
Spent the next ten minutes grilling the LT Duck and Smew through the scope in superb light, brilliant stuff never ever seen anything on Windymere before. Also present 15+ Goldeneye and 10+ Little Grebe (this is where they all are).
To cap a good day I drove back down the road towards Kendal stopped in the first layby I could find and hey presto theres the Red necked Grebe being chased by the Windermere ferry (it flew back northwards after a few minutes)...home James.

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