Monday, 18 April 2011


Summer has arrived with the Patch's first Cuckoo of the year and what a showy bugger it was. Heard, seen and photographed now that's what I call a year tick. Crossing 'Uplands' (part of Anderton CP) en route to Gregsy's Cuckoo I heard 3 Groppers, all fresh in and reeling their socks off. Also new for the year for me anyway was an obliging Sedge Warbler on Neumann's...

who you lookin at?
Surprisingly nothing else of note was discovered probably due to everybody rushing round like they do on Scillies ticking/mopping up other Birders finds and not actually looking for owt else (or is that me being cynical). The day did have that feel about it like there was something lurking just round the next bend of the path.
A sort of half hearted daylist produced 61 species and I never ventured into Marbury CP (bloody kid fest plus Eastern Bloc exiles having barbeques in the woods and the Great Budworth armada was on the I was informed)...nice weather though!
A solitary (careful now) tick for the ailing Garden list came in the form of a very vocal Song Thrush..

and that's about it for the weekend, one in which the BlueNoses of Mancunia seem to be celebrating the fact they've already won something...mmmmm come on u POTTERS!!!
Jesus I've got a bitter taste in my mouth and its not blue.

Scores on the doors...
PATCH YEAR LIST - 116 of 124 total

the missed/not yet gripped jobbies - Marsh Harrier (fat chance), Red Kite (maybe), Water Rail, Grey Wagtail, Merlin (more chance of seeing Harry Potter), Barnacle (usually gives himself up), Whimbrel, and Greenshank


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