Friday, 22 April 2011


Haydn's Pools latest innovation to keep the reeds down, so we can all see the splendid array of ornithological goodies that its attracting at present. Thursday and the predicted Garganey (pair) turned up to delight the swarm of local patchers most of whom had dipped the earlier Whinchat found by Vern and Mark including yours truly (rats).

Bank Holiday Friday and everyones out patch bashing apart from Gregsy who's probably half way up Snowdon on his epic Three Peaks Climb.
Malc comes up trumps and finds the years first Lesser Whitethroat in song/calling by the pipe bridge gorge, we all troop over and whap it on. Walking back round Neumann's a quick glimpse from Bund Hide and I grip back Whimbrel. Two birds fresh in en route to Scotland where I'll be in a few days climbing Ben Nevis (oh great!). Just packing the suitcase now with Black Terns coming in from the East...cest la vie.

PATCH YEAR LIST - 119 of 129 total

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