Friday, 29 April 2011


As some of you I hope read (and acted upon) my earlier post on Gregsy's 3 Peaks Challenge well the day came and up we went. Leaving the comfort and ridiculously posh breakfast of The Wasdale Head Inn our team - Gregsy, Jane his misses, Wilf and Phoebe their canine mini huskies and I headed upwards towards Scafell Pike.

The lump in the middle is Scafell Pike, our route to base camp 1 is via the gully centre piccy. To say it was easy would be boasting but 5 minutes after Mr Fit himself summited (mountain climbing term for reaching the top bit) I wandered up and sat down to eat my energy bars, much to his amazement.
1 hr 35 mins if anyones counting, not bad for a rather unfit, slightly over weight balding beer drinker.

Scafell Pike Summit team Wilf, Gregsy and Pod (Phoebes out of shot eating other climbers butties and Janes still en route)...Sir Edmond would of been proud. Thats the first (and last) time I'll be conquering England's highest mountain me thinks. Now for the jock biggy.
ps. managed to see a male Rouzel on the descent, ruddy hard work for a year tick what!


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