Monday, 18 July 2011


You heard that saying...''London Buses''...wait for an age then three come along together. Well bugger me if the good old Patch hasn't just done a London Buses in July of all months. Started off Saturday with news that at fecking long last someones done a bit of trimming in front of one of the hides at Neumann's. Bund Hide to be exact and hey presto we all get a flippin year tick (well most of us low listers anyway)...

Trimmed better than a Brazilian Beaver, now all we need is a napalm strike on the reed bed in front of Scrapyard Hide and a muslim extremist with a dodgy waistcoat in the Old Hide (take the place out for good).
Scored with the family party of Water Rails (piccy yet to be acquired) from Bund Hide, where on earth have they been hiding. Then doubled the months patch year ticks with a grip back Hobby over the back of Haydn's Pool (well trimmed reed bed note!).

One of the very nicely coloured Blackwits showing well on Haydn's Pool.

The treble came up with a Grey Wagtail over on Kid Brook Spit on Budworth Mere surely the latest that I've ever had patch year list wise. Interestingly if we look at the stats...

134 on 18th July 2011
134 on 11th Sept 2010...grand total 144
134 on 13th May 2006...grand total 150   (2nd highest Patch Year List ever)
then theres still time and birds to be had before the fat lady sings. Clutching at straws I know but 'my precious' will not be given up lightly.

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