Friday, 22 July 2011


Cor blimey mate these London Buses are moving in packs. Text arrives just as I'm in t'office (luckily)...REDSTART calling near Bund Hide. Its great having an understanding boss and one who keeps a Patch Life List as we join Greg (who else) and ex BT on the Bund footpath. A movement a flash of red and a vibrating tail and whap one rather young looking juvenile Redstart skulking in the shrubbery.

Thats my 2nd one (on the patch) actually but at the time I thought it was a Patch Lifer so high fives ensued all round. Amazing how such a drab commonish summer visitor can instill such joy but thats Patching!! folks.

Changing the location to Cumbria, I was once again over nighting in the delightful Kirkstile Inn at Loweswater and have been watching the progress of a pair of Spotty Flys which have nested right next to the beer garden entrance doorway...doh! Well glad to say they got at least three little Spotties to fledge successfully.

Two down one to go

Well done Mum

and Dad
The place is not just a beer and food mecca but the views are rather nice as well. Check this one out from the bath looking out the bathroom window...

shades of Mount Doom in Sumatra me thinks?

Halcyon days
and heres one of the Redstart that could easily be a Pitta sp!

Patch Pitta!!



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