Friday, 2 September 2011


The waders are literally pouring through the country at the mo with a mass of Curlew Sands, Wood Sands and Little Stints showing up all over the place. Patchers the length and breadth of the UK are filling their boots and more importantly Patch Year Lists with these mud loving gems.
The so called wet summer (its been well hot for many a day) has left Neumann's Flash and Haydn's Pool utter wallowing holes, perfect for waders. Back from Ireland my first port of call was to pay homage to one of my favourite waders...Wood Sandpiper, two of which were gracing Haydn's mud swamp along with 6 Green Sands, a Blackwit plus Gonzo the white Goose (great name Greg).
The Bank Holiday weekend also produced a flock yes! a flock of 4 Curlew Sands that gave me the run around before finally nailing them from The Mound thanks to Mr T, Ian and Robbo.

Today the 2nd Sept Greg has obviously got the listing god on his side as first he finds a RED KITE, majestically sailing over Scarey Park. Then twitches a juv Little Stint (3rd mud lover) on Neumann's that had us scratching are heads for a while. Thoughts of Baird's Sandpiper, Temminck's Stint and even Least Sand were rumoured but unfortunately better views were obtained and its ID clinched. Bloody educational stuff though, I even went out with a copy of Shorebirds just in case. Love it...
Crap phonescoped piccys of Stinty...

Pretty bad what? but just think if it was a Spoon-billed Sandpiper...oohhhhhhhhhh!

The Patch World Record Year List is now in serious danger of being gazumped and we still haven't had...Black necked Grebe, Scaup, Spotted Redshank, Knot, Short-eared Owl etc looks like Gregsy will have to cancel all his 2012 holidays to win his crown back, you just can't make this stuff up. What a TV drama it would make...we certainly have enough patch characters to fill Coronation Street twice over,

toodle pip for now readers

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