Saturday, 5 November 2011


Well what an October its turned out to be. First there's a must go for even though we all knew it would do one over night -  RUFOUS TAILED ROBIN (bird finding on a monster scale, well done Mr Martin)

The legend that is 'Franco' and crew, even these guys dipped the Rufous tail but that's what makes these birds MEGAS in the second place (first place is their rarity and their value by buggering off early). One just had to be there though so Malc, Groucho and I got up seriously early and drove over to Wareham Greens to join the disappointed ensemble. We did have a rather nice breakfast in Wells, then worked our way to Holme for yet another Sibe. Paying yes paying!!! to get into this two tiered Bird Clamping Reserve meant we had to see the bird on show (or not as it was for most of the field craft deficient Brummy plebs). Using cunning, field craft, skill and birding knowledge gained over many a year we let the hordes flush the Red-flanked Bluetail towards us enabling me to get this epic shot of said Sibe.

Classic pose and if you didn't know it could so easily be one of  Mr Martin's views of the Rufous Tail! (but no honestly its the one with the BlueTail) as not seen by the Brummy bunch...dudes!!! At least we sort of got some compensation for missing one of the birds of the year.

Several days later I'm up in deepest darkest Cumbria doing a survey when I get a phone call alerting me that the pager (that I no longer own) will go MEGA!!! and it will be a Monster Mega!!! Probably one of the most wanted birds on many a  British Birders list...
a male SIBERIAN RUBYTHROAT on godforsaken Shetland. Plans are made and passes out begged for from one's spouse. Thursday 20th sees Malc and I boarding a Flybe flight from Edinburgh to Sumburgh. We join up with the only other birder on the flight namely Mike Fosdick who kindly hires and pays for a hire car, topman.

 The Stairway to Heaven
 Thats why it stayed so long the Shetland Paparazzi were kept out
 Shetland Paparazzi in action, this noisy twat has just flushed the Pechora Pipit that was showing awesomely well in the nearby vegetable patch. Only my 2nd ever in the UK, thats Pechora not twat! 
 The only photo I managed and yes it flew off...bugger!!
 20 Birders for a Sibe Rubythroat quality
 now thats a hire car eh? Bob the Birder from Unst (missing a C me thinks)
Comberbach's finest doing the business, KFC behind

As I didn't get any piccys of Ruby heres the next best thing...


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