Thursday, 3 November 2011


Day.5 8th Oct

Another day down the south end of Mainland, Shetland and in the extremely windy conditions we add a few good padders to the trip list...Curlew Sandpiper, 5+ GN Diver, Long-tailed Duck and a float by dead sheep(nice). A walk round Mr Minton's local patch of Scatness produces 5 Snow Bunting and a lone common all garden Golden Plover. Not much else apart from a nice cuppa at Steve's abode (tick).

Scatness above what a local patch.
At Sumburgh Hotel or more precisely the road to the farm that's behind the hotel a certain interesting
 'Eastern Yellow Wagtail' performed to the masses and its bovine mates.
 Turns out its a 'Western Yellow Wag' that's gone grey!!!??? according to the ex vicar.

Shetland Bovine Appreciation Society...moooooooo!!
Action stations as the pager bleeps and we get a message via our underground contact who's on the Shetland local grapevine....Buff-bellied Pipit at Quendale. Another bloody tick for the sub 'B'Teamers.

The BB Pipit twitch is in full swing as we arrive 1min after its flown 1km+ up the Quendale valley to pastures unknown...the little fecker! Un perturbed by this set back some of us set out to relocate the boy and 30 minutes later I do the business and find the Yanky Water Pipit feeding on the road top left of the piccy.

the dudes fill their boots (and lists no doubt) with not a thank you or cheers mate to be heard...bast++ds

Shropshire's finest play it cool, just a year tick I presume?
As we're heading back to the car the oily Pallid Harrier does a flyby, what a place.
The rest of the week is a wind swept washout with only a distant Glaucous Gull, lone Rook and Tesco Purple Sandpipers to add to the triplist. Which was a respectable 107 
(wonder what the frontier gang scored?)

Well that's Shetland for another year (or so I thought!!) and this time we certainly got some quality but still no Lancy or blocker, but theres always next year.

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