Saturday, 28 January 2012


Weather on Saturday morning was ideal for gulling, no wind and bright sunshine so off to the old stomping ground for a search of the tip gulls at Moore. Unfortunately its a bit of a bugger trying to get a decent view as everywheres  fenced off but where theres a will (or a rare gull) theres a way.
Video of the melee...

With a bit of a find the right angle through the meshed fence I managed to locate a nice year tick in the shape of an Iceland Gull (comments welcome from the guru), one for the Self Found List.

Might I suggest its a 1st winter individual, here continue'th the education.


Jason said...

2w on bill pattern


Jason said...

Although this the bill pattern can also be shown by 1w birds, I take it it didn't notice a pale iris? Probability says 2w as that's the most frequent seen at Arpley, Moore and Richmond bank.


ps. What do I know!

Pete Kinsella said...

I`d agree with Jason that this bird is likely to be a 2ndw individual with its pale bill base and rather uniform creamy appearance, lacking any obvious vermiculations.The pale iris would have been a clincher.However there has been an Iceland Gull similar to this at Richmond Bank which may be a very worn/bleached 1stw or a 2ndw with a darker than normal iris.Clear as mud eh!!!! At a push I`d say 2ndw for this though.
Gripped by the footage of the tipping area Gulls Pod, did you walk up the road from the hide at PHP?
cheers, Pete

Podster said...

Yes Pete, I did a bit of 'off roading'. If someone with a bit of influence could have a word with the tip people, there's a cracking spot to stand just to the left of the road up from PHP beyond the fence. You'd be well safe from any tip traffic and the gulls are right in front of you.
The megas! out there somewhere..