Sunday, 29 January 2012


A text from Sandbach's finest alerted me to an adult Caspo Gull showing this Sunday morning at Pump House Flash. Unfortunately I was on a Sunday stroll with Wifey and pooch round the local patch so arrived way too late to add this good value gull to the list. Still there was a couple of nice Cheshire bonuses going about their business that just had to be digitally captured.
Scanning the gull fest on Pump House I came across one of the three Iceland Gulls that were commuting between here and the local Crewe tip.

Just like buses, non for ages then two in two days both nicely in Cheshire great stuff.
Luckily I spoke to one of the locals and was informed that 'The Ibis' was just up the road showing really well so moments later whap on it went. GLOSSY IBIS only my 2nd ever in Cheshire after I relocated (Marston Pools) the one seen on Neumann's Flash way back on 03/10/1992. 'strewth its been a long time coming!

All in all a pleasant hour spent just down the road at one of Cheshire's premier league birding hot spots, now if the two chaps above would just venture 12 miles North and grace my local patch life would be perfect.
We're just too bloody greedy us birders.

UK 2012 YEAR LIST - 137

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Pete Kinsella said...

Ok Pod, will try to have a word with the tip people after I`ve reacquainted myself with Cochoas and Pittas over the next couple of weeks.