Saturday, 5 May 2012


What a May we're having, despite the shitty weather. First up its a Cheshire mega at Burton Mere Wetlands with a two day Black-winged Pratincole that unfortunately I missed. Then today I was just setting off towards the Wizzal when a call from Robbo alerted me to a Wryneck at Maw Green Tip, Sandbach. This believe it or not is yet another Cheshire Lifer for me so there was no hesitation as I steered the Comberbach Chugabug southwards and raced on down to Sandbach. Arrived to join the Flasher regulars minus Robbo and Ian who were twitching the Atlas Fly on Flannelboro...oh dear bad timing chaps! After a few minutes the cryptic brown jobby gave itself up and I attempted some record shots...No.269 for Cheshire.

excuse the photoshopping.

With the Wryneck in the bag I headed for The Wizzal in the forelorn hope that the Pratincole just might return. En route a quick in and out at a local stakeout for a Cheshire exotic in the shape of several very obliging Mandarin Ducks...

Yet more was to come and at Parkgate on the magically named Donkey Stand Flash there was a wee wader going about its business, one diminutive Temminck's Stint my first in Cheshire since one on the patch (Neumann's Flash) way back in 2006.

I some how forgot to look around and missed the Spoonbill and Great White Egret that were on show but at least I bagged the Year Tick and the fish and chips were pretty good as well...yummy!
Onwards to BMW to witness some awesome dude stringing as a couple claimed a pair of Garganey that swam right in front of the hide for all to see...they were Gadwall!!! still its a great place and we've all got to learn from our mistakes, well some certainly need to.
What a day out though in Cheshire a day that usually finds the Comberbach Casuals out attempting yet another Cheshire Day List what with Wryneck, Temminck's, Spoonbill, Great White Egret, Garganey, Gadwall all on show who knows what could have been achieved, maybe next year?


Phil Woollen. said...

You forgot the Slav Grebe Pod. Another cracker for the spring. Not often you get a summer plumage jobbie in Cheshire. Hopes still high for a Hilbre mega in the next couple of weeks. After all, if Andy Carroll can get man of match anythings possible. Sardinian Warbler me thinks.

Podster said...

Yeah great bird but a bugger to photo. As for Mr Carroll a touch of after The Lord Mayor's show me thinks?
Sardy would do nicely as long as I get a seat in The Lanny!