Saturday, 12 May 2012


Started the week badly by not checking the local patch as I set sail for a three day stint up in what's becoming my second home Cumbria. One big bloody white Spooner was prancing about Neumann's flash for several hours before moving on to who knows where... rats bottom!
On the good side a few days of sunshine got the summer migrants singing and I managed to connect with some Cumbrian goodies at a local stakeout...

Quality habitat that's home to some rather nice year list padders such as...

Dennis the Dipper...

and of course where there's a Dipper there's always a Grey Wag

This was not taken at Flannelboro but I did hear this one calling and singing, definitely not a hybrid!!

the best I could manage with my limited not
In the hour I was there I clocked up...5 Wood Warblers, 2 Pied Flycatchers, one Redstart, Common Sandpiper, Cuckoo, Dipper, Grey Wagtail and a pair of Peregrines plus a Red Squirrel not bad for a lunch break.
Down on the coast there was some visible migration taking place and a few more Cumbrian specialities at the winter Iceland Gull hangout of Parton just up the coast from Whitehaven.

here I saw 3 Whimbrel, 2 Black Guillemot, Red throated Diver, n Kittiwake and a few Wheatears.

En route back south I took the 'scenic' route round the South West corner of Cumbria. The Sat-Nav giving fewer miles than going via Penrith but longer in time! thats due to the crap roads and numerous farm vehicles who take delight in holding up the tourists (and ecologists). Bonus though as I called in at rain swept Hodbarrow RSVP to see if yesterdays 'mega' was still around as there was no news either way on it.

Distant record shot of the summer plumaged LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER probably wishing it was else where as the rain lashed down. Stonking year tick though.
Also from the hide 3 Little Terns and a bunch of Sarnies.

adiĆ³s amigos

UK YEAR LIST - 213 ish give or take Atlas and Thayer's.

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