Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Still high on Bee-eater finding adrenalin I headed East towards Hartlepool Headland and the fabled Bowling Green bushes. Those mist netting chaps had unfortunately trapped one of my all time blockers, one big fat ugly 'Western' Orphean  Warbler. I've managed to hang onto this wee gem for all of 30 years 5 months and 13 days since the last twitchable one, on Scillies (on my birthday as well) back on October 16th 1981 found by Yorkshire's finest Mr Turton.
The 1981 individual clearly an Eastern so the Hartlepool bird could still scrape onto the list.

Eastern Orphean Warbler showing well near the pumping station at Porthellick, St. Mary's, Scilly a rather nice birthday tick for yours truly.
Back to the present and the hordes of tick hungry Cheshire listers  bag another May mega.

Smiles as wide as Cheshire Cats the tarts.
The guy on the left fell asleep waiting for a glimpse and he also forgot his prayer mat by the looks of it.
Even worse its a tick for 'A'Star himself thus widening the gap even further. For tick and run its hard to beat Mr Upper Comberbach...3 minutes on the magnificent Sandhill Crane and now a nano second on the Orphean plus he had no bins or scope...bloody twitcher!!

I didn't know he was a Muslim...Bin and Gone!  and I bet he never tipped the bucket.

Its in there somewhere? can you spot the golf ball? the legendary Bowling Green Bushes.

I'm still clinging on to my most prized blocker seen way back in December 1977 at Cheddar Gorge god I hope thats not tempted fate.
What a day though and we're not yet into June!!! Bring it on....

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