Sunday, 17 June 2012


Stuck indoors waiting for the never ending rain to cease I did a bit of garden listing in the hope something just might pay us a visit or fly over...a pair of Cranes would be nice (they've just been seen again over The Midlands somewhere)

Robin looking at me wondering why I'm hanging out the bedroom window. I purchased a special 'Robin' nest box for this little fellow but will he use!

Picture the scene...a steamy South East Asian jungle, there's a mega endemic Pigeon skulking in the undergrowth and you're there hiding up a tree to avoid the leeches (and tigers) camera at the ready for the gripping photo...

bingo! the denizen of the rainforest captured for the first time on film..
.White necked Woodstonka...what a crippler. I don't get out much these days so I have to fantasize now and again.

Whist stocking up the feeders I came across this cute little moth in the garden shed.
..a Buff Ermine me thinks (answers on a post card to Pod's Shed, Comberbach)

its stopped raining for once so off to the Patch I go.......later!

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