Saturday, 11 August 2012


Anyone else bored of all the 24/7 athletics!!...since when was synchronised swimming a sport or dressage ( posh dancing horses) a sport. Isn't the motto of the Olympics strongest and fastest. If they can have such useless so called 'sports' such as team diving then surely we can have darts, surely a gold medal in the bag for Mr Taylor. Anyway enough of my drivel the Premier League starts soon...thank heavens!

To get away from all the wall to wall BBC nonsense here's a great place to be away from it all....

The North West's (just) answer to Scillies...Bardsey Island a place that's certainly hit the birding headlines this year. Makes you wonder what the previous warden was up to for the past god knows how many years?

Pod will try anything for a year tick...there's a Greenish Warbler over there I just know it?

Birding now there's a sport I could get into...competitive listing oh yeah! bring it on, the Olympic committee would be very busy dope testing all those stringers, dudes and IQ40 club members what?

tara 4 now

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