Monday, 4 February 2008

Yanky Doodle that'll do Dandy

Saturday morning the patch has had a dusting of snow over night.After walking the dog Tasha and nephew Jack most of it is down my neck and in my coat pockets...thanks Jack!
Theres bugger all on the Mere(Budworth) after the bombardment of rocks,twigs etc...thanks Jack!
I escape to link up with Statto and Fred eagerly scanning the gull fest at Richmond Bank on the River Mersey,Warrington.
Conditions are goodish,with sunshine,clear skies and alight wind.The tides out and theres plenty of mud exposed for the roosting gulls from nearby Arpley Tip.
Also present (thank god)are the Seaforth guys who really know their 'tertials' from their 'scapulars'.

the chosen few...

take your pick...

juv.Glaucous Gull

After an hour or so I'd managed to see the Glaucous Gull and one ad+2 1st win.Yellow-legged Gulls.
At 12.40pm the birding god shon down upon us and from the gathered throng of larus out popped a potential mega....a 1st winter
Unfortunetly it didn't stay long but as it took off (and flew down river)it showed the distinctive tail pattern characteristic of this species.
Hopefully with the several photos taken by the finder(Seaforth crew member) it will be submitted to BOURC etc now AHG has been upgraded to tick status.

A first for Moss Side no less(I think) what a great day.

Moss Side YL 69
Marbury CP YL 84

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