Saturday, 25 April 2009


After the unknown birder found yesterdays blocker Redstart its good to see the regulars out and about pulling their weight with some choice year ticks. As per usual Mr Gregs is up dawns crack just in time to see a Barwit plus 16 Whimbrel disappear over Ashtons. BT finds the first Wheatear also Ashtons. Luckily I'm well placed on No.1 and a quick stroll over to the flash and whap Wheatear for the year. Had a brief look for the Redstart but nowt doin, gripped back the Common Tern though on the mere. Two more year ticks added and two missed Barwit and Cuckoo (DHM calling) with Black Tern (or even Whiskered) in the post things certainly warming nicely.

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