Friday, 1 May 2009


**MEGA ALERT** blimey just like London buses nothing for ages then bang!!! two no three no four (if you're Fred or Jono) come along at once,its a flippin tick fest on the South Coast and yours truly is doing his best to save Gordons job while the rest of the 'A' team etc.... play catch up. Writing this blog on a Friday night and we all know what happens on a Friday night...bugger!!
If I was a Muslim now the mat would be out and my knees would be aching, please please stay just for one more day. Neither bird is a looker so its reduced to a tick and run scenario for the 'A' star team soon no doubt to have its third member tomorrow, if the Eastern Bonelli's stays.
Don't you just love this crazy obsession we all have, at the drop of a hat we'll drive to Penzance for a glimpse of a little brown job in the pouring rain but do some DIY for her in chance! Love it!......roll on Saturday.

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