Sunday, 3 May 2009


Having waited till the weekend then for his nibs to arrive from Chicago the 'A' Star team finally set off southwards at 8.45am. Now this was playing it cool but as we near our free bus pass age its par for the course. Pulling up at one of the most inhospitable dumps for UK birding after a pain in the arse drive down (via the M25 car park) we join one of the few faces we know from the 'good old days' and watch the pack chase the lark. With not a hint of birding etiquette or ornithological technique the poor **MEGA** is hounded till it takes flight then the process starts allover again (click on the pic it gets bigger). I pick up the bird perched on top a bush 30m from three dudes, one is eating, one is looking at a field guide and t'other watching the pack. Amazingly none of them see the CRESTED LARK as it does another flight over the ensuing pack to diasppear into the wasteland of scrubby bushes. Whap! time to head north and listen to more important things like the second half of the Boro United game.


People actually have holiday homes here!!!!!!

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Phil Woollen. said...

its one redeeming feature is the nuclear power station. Brings a whole new meaning tomthe old Ready Brek advert - for us birders of a certain age!!! Glad it hung around long enough for you to get your ares in gear.