Saturday, 6 June 2009


Thought I'd have a bash at the Birdwatch 2009 Big Sit so Sunday 31st May became the allotted day rather by chance than planning. The 'Mound' situated in the South East corner of Neumann's Flash was my chosen view point. It gives a good 360' panoramic view over the flashes of Neumann's and Ashton's plus the nearby village of Marston. With a scope I can see Lostock and Winnington works plus the woods at Marbury Country Park. At the rather late starting time of 5.00am I began my 'Big Sit' armed with camping seat, flask, road cone!! (for listening purposes), tick list and hope. Whilst walking from my car to the 'Mound' a Mipit flew over the only one of the day unfortunately, a bad start. Setting up atop the 'Mound' I looked over a misty Neumann's as the sun rose behind me, the day as it happened......
  1. 5.01 CUCKOO calling over on Dairy House Meadows

  2. 5.01 REED WARBLER (s)singing from the reed bed by Bund Hide

  3. 5.02 PHEASANT called from the field at Marston

  4. 5.02 SKYLARK singing over Ashton's

  5. 5.02 CANADA GOOSE flew over

  6. 5.03 JACKDAW flew over

  7. 5.03 CROW calling Marston

  8. 5.03 WREN on the Mound

  9. 5.04 WHITETHROAT on the Mound

  10. 5.04 B H GULL on Neumann's

  11. 5.04 TUFTED DUCK on Neumann's

  12. 5.05 KESTREL flew over

  13. 5.06 OYSTERCATCHER called Neumann's the mist now clearing rapidly

  14. 5.09 LBB GULL 3 immatures on Neumann's

  15. 5.10 LAPWING on the mud Neumann's

  16. 5.10 COOT ditto

  17. 5.10 MALLARD ditto

  18. 5.12 AVOCET....BINGO!!!! on the muddy spit in with the BH Gulls, a patch yeartick whap!

  19. 5.12 MOGGY spit

  20. 5.12 SONG THRUSH singing Marston

  21. 5.15 WILLOW WARBLER singing nearby

  22. 5.17 BLACKBIRD in trees nearby

  23. 5.17 WOODY flew over

  24. 5.19 MAGPIE by hastily erected feeding station (two seed feeders on fence below Mound)

  25. 5.19 CHIFFY singing nearby

  26. 5.23 LINNET pair on the Mound

  27. 5.23 GREY HERON flew over

  28. 5.30 MUTE SWAN on Neumann's plus the pair of Black Swans

  29. 5.31 FERAL PIGEON flying round Winnington Works

  30. 5.31 CORMARENT over DHM

  31. 5.32 HOUSE SPUGGY calling from Marston

  32. 5.33 GADWALL on Neumann's

  33. 5.45 RUDDY DUCK top end Neumann's as final bit of mist cleared

  34. 5.48 STOCK DOVE over Ashton's

  35. 5.48 SWIFT over Ashton's

  36. 5.56 BUZZARD over Budworth direction

  37. 6.00 LRP on Ashton's

  38. 6.00 STARLING on Ashton's

  39. 6.20 GOLDFINCH on Mound

  40. 6.30 ROBIN calling Marston

  41. 6.30 CHAFFINCH singing Marston

  42. 6.33 PEREGRINE perched on pylon by Lostock Works

  43. 6.35 SHELDUCK far end Neumann's

  44. 6.43 GT C GREBE on Neumann's

  45. 6.49 COLLARED DOVE over Northwich town centre

  46. 6.51 REED BUNTING on Mound

  47. 7.15 HOUSE MARTIN over wood by Old Hide

  48. 7.20 DUNNOCK pished out on Mound

  49. 7.25 RAVEN family party of 4 flew over Mound

  50. 7.33 GREAT TIT calling Marston and the Avocet has done one

  51. 7.47 BARN SWALLOW over Mound

  52. 7.56 BLUE TIT on Mound

  53. 8.00 BULLFINCH on Mound

  54. 8.02 JAY below Mound...8.27 to 8.52 McDonald's breakfast cheers Debs

  55. 9.50 GREAT SPOT after nearly two birdless hours. Its now 60'f + very warm with loads of heat haze

  56. 10.02 GREEN WOODY called nearby

  57. 10.03 SPARROWHAWK a pair thermaling over Scarey and time out on first session

  58. 19.48 PIED WAGTAIL last bird of the day flew over Mound

I actually did three sessions one from 5am till 10.03 another from 14.30 to 15.00 cos Vern had a RED KITE over Davenham and the last one from 19.00 till 21.03 where I added one new species as I watched the sun set over Marbury. I don't think my total will break any records but 58 is there to be beaten fellow patchers (if you're that way inclined).


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