Sunday, 29 August 2010


Coming to a patch near you, yes its Insomniac 2 that early riser that's just got to text you whilst you're giving it zzzz'ds (dreaming of finding Patch firsts whilst back scutling Jennifer Aniston in Bund Hide...if only!). I thought I was safe for a week whilst Insomniac 1 was away on his Ray Charles sea watching tour of West Ireland but alas no. Greg (yes Greg not Gregsy) was up and out gripping us off even though I swear it was still dark outside. The text though was much appreciated by myself but not the long suffering wife...lookout!! Greg.

The cause of all the excitement well look below...2 RUDDY SHELDUCKs mingling with the Canadas and our two Antipodean Black Swans on Kidbrook Spit on Bud Mere.

Later that afternoon after checking XCWeather on tinternet it looked really good for a seawatch on the t'wizzal. Gale force 6 winds from a North West direction in early Autumn mean seabirds aplenty. So I nipped over to Gunsights (top dogging spot on the Wirral apparently) and was joined by Mr Wizzal himself and Ellesmere Ports finest Big Al. (not for dogging by the way)

Phil's portable seawatching hide was a cool way to observe the various ornithological waifs being blown passed this bit of Cheshire that sticks out into the Irish Sea. Unfortunately no one told the birds so all we got was 3 Arctic Skua, 2 Arctic Tern various white dots on the horizon and sod all else...bugger! there was 3 Long tailed Skuas well before hightide but well gone south by the time we got there. Still at least the Black Cats put one over the Blue Mooners.
A late peramble round Neumann's turned up 4 Dunlin, 3 Ringed Plover, Redshank and best of all the BAR HEADED GOOSE found yesterday by guess who?. Now the question is to year tick or not to year tick??? probably should say the same for the Ruddy Shelducks!! as well. Me thinks good for a tie break what?

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