Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Well prayers answered when the Black Tern at Wally Res decides to relocate to you know where...The Patch. Found late this morning by Mr Liftoff and not surprisingly by either of the two Insomniacs, who now seem to be working as a pair. Like this morning...

My alarm goes off at 6am and I'm on the Patch in 20 minutes...drive down to the Sailing Club (quickest way to view mere) and Greg (Insomniac2) is already parked in my spot and guess what its still bloody dark...Autumns definitely here. Nowt on the mere probably cos its dark. Drive round to the Neumann's lay by and Gregsy (Insomniac1) is already there...bugger me!! I carry on to work. Text later informs me of Barney the Barnacle showing well on the flash...double bugger and a rats arse as well.
Torn between the Black Tern on the Patch and a seabird bonanza on the Wizzal I plump for a quick dash to Leasowe after work. 5 Leach's Petrels gripped in 20 minutes in the howling force8 North Westerly plus a year tick Guillemot. The Leachey above digiscoped as it walked on water about 200yds off shore, you can even see the diagnostic central dividing bar on its rump.
No sign of the 'reported' Little Shearwater or flocks of Long-tailed Skuas or even the nearby Wryneck (a Cheshire tick no less) still time though to twitch the Black Tern on the mere which I duly did...nice!


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