Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Out and about this past week/weekend and it seems already that I've got the rare gull finding bug. Whilst tootling down to deepest mid Wales I stopped for a quick coffee and wee (as you do) at Aber Ogwen. Scanning the fields for the non show Tundra Bean Goose just lots of Greylags and some funny looking Canadas I came across my fifth (found) rare gull of the year yet another ruddy Iceland Gull. This one a very bleached out 2nd winter going by the eye colour (ie its not black). Typically I'd just put the news out and it was flushed by a passing Buteo but luckily flew to the Ogwen mouth for a bath.

Sunday gone I think (don't know where I've been sometimes) Parkgate provided the necessary Spooner with one of the Great White Egrets (honest) in the back ground and a flypast ringtail Hen Harrier...sorted!

Nipping into BMW with the masses who seem to love to sit by the big panoramic window eating their butties and chatting, I ventured out to the under construction screen hide to guessed another rare(ish) gull. One smart looking adult winter Med Gull, very like if not the same bird as on Saturday at Richmond Bank.
On returning to the main show hide I informed one of the 'wardens' who quickly spread the news to the butty or two actually looked in the general direction, then at a field guide, then continued munching.
Never mind one tries one's best to please. Also present and an impressive sight as they flew in and landed on the main pool were the 27? Bewick Swans...nice!

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