Thursday, 23 February 2012


On the Lancs Mosses today and came up trumps with a couple of nice self founds. First up a very obliging Tundra Bean Goose that I nearly over looked in with a large flock of Greylags. As is the norm when presented with an opportunity to take some mega piccys, I didn't have my bloody camera with me. So it was phone scope time...

a quality bit of vignetting what? still cop that bill and the leg colour was pretty much the same orange.
Second find was 11 (maybe 13 some dropped out of view) European White-fronted Geese in with a big flock of Pinkies. I've been looking for ages through endless flocks of Pinks for both these species whilst surveying and at last a double whammy in the same hour. But the goose chase for the day was not yet over!!

2012 SELF FOUND - 129

I'd just got onto the M6 and was heading home from a very early dawn survey when after three mobile calls someone actually left a message. Still not knowing who it was (no name on the number) a frantic voice proclaimed ''BEAN GOOSE!!! on the Mere''. Engaging warp drive in the company vehicle I raced south at a steady 69mph and arrived by the side of the mere to find it deserted. feck!! is this a hoax or what? I could see  the man formerly known as BT Dave scanning the usual Goose flock from the north side of the mere (I'm on the south) rats bottoms! minutes later 'someone'? flushed the geese onto the mere...sorted long walk not required. There were lots of Canadas, Greylags, 3 Pinkies and low and behold a Bean. Scoping the mega I realised from its bill makeup and paler head this little bugger was not a proper Tundra and might be its rarer cousin Taiga. I SAY MIGHT...OK!
TAIGA BEAN GOOSE?? on the Patch blow me!
Jesus what a find! well done Groucho this could be a Cheshire 1st, its certainly a patch 1st for one and all.

oh shit!! hold the front page, put the red pen away don't whap it on just yet...the debate has started

2012 PATCH YEAR LIST - 90 (+1?)

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