Monday, 26 July 2010


Great to be back on the patch and away from bird (and Birder) free South Wales. With July coming to a close the waders are on the move...yipeee! Yet another one of those enforced unplanned breaks (job terminated a week early...I must learn to work more slowly) had me down at Neumann's early. Mr T and Greg were already patch bashing, t'other Greg was in the USA counting cornflakes..enjoy!

Doing a good impression of Le Fub in a phaff I erected my tripod and scope just in time to see 3 Turnstone zoom off the spit head south do a u'ee and land back in the Lapwing flock...nice! Once again overnight rain had done the trick.

A late evening sojourn with pooch had me counting everything on Neumann's Flash just to see what the actual numbers were. As tons of geese piled in I'd just passed the 1000 individual count when a lone young fox (with a limp) ran onto the spit flushing birds in all directions...the little fecker! Still an impressive count numbers of which can be found on the Focalpoint website Marbury thread.

Up on Haydn's Pool there was still 3 Green Sand (above) a Common Sand for comparisson, 3 Snipe and 4 Dunlin. I tried Dairy House Meadows for a potential Barn Owl but no joy, that could be a big miss for the year me thinks?

Got to be careful now as the List Police are watching my every move, so its photograph everything just incase however crap the piccy...wink wink!


Moore Patcher said...

Ooo - Turnstone - you beauty! Hope they flew my way as looking to get out in the morning!

Podster said...

They're all heading south dear chap. Turny would be a Moss Side tick for me.